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Made with Love


Working at Stopsky’s Deli has been a chance to be a part of something I know is going to be great.   I have worked with a lot of chefs.  Nowadays is takes a little more to get me excited about food.  Seeing a vision for really good food come together; A restaurant with strong ties to the community and a passion for local vendors, that’s rare.  Ok, I have been a lead line cook on 1st. Ave in Seattle when the Seahawks were in the playoff, which was also rare.  Remember our recent losing/winning season?  Yes the head chef at Stopsky’s has been on T.V. (TOP CHEF), also rare.   I’ve worked with that before.  This chef you can see however has something special.  I true respect and love for food.  The team is coming together and putting into action what there Hebrew slogan suggests.  Put together fresh traditional dishes Made with Love.  This eatery truly has something to give back to the community.  I am excited to be a part of that!


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