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Coffee at Stopsky’s

I am finding a little time in my schedule to enjoy a good cup of coffee.  A few years back I could care less what type of coffee I was drinking.  I remember those little packets of coffee you would get in your MRE in my army days.   Although the instant coffee was horrible we were so thankful for any type of caffeine after a long walk in the woods.  At Stopsky’s all the coffee they serve comes from Seattle’s Stump Town Coffee.     I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon at Stump Town Coffee and learn what they are all about.  The sustainable principles that they hold to and the caffeine induced fervor they put into their product is something to admire.  On a nice morning Stopsky’s is a great environment to sit and poke through the Seattle times, catch up on a NPR podcast or do some writing of my own.  



Lunch at the iCactus


I recently had lunch at the iCactus in Kirkland with my little pal Joey. 

The Cactus  is a great place to eat if you have a dog.  On a sunny summer day the out-door bar seating is great, especially with a cool summer breeze.  We sat outside and not only was the food good, the service was great.  They actually brought out water (ice water)for the “Joe Moe”!  They have a decent happy hour and a nice margarita!  I will probably go there again.


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