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A walk in the Garden with Escoffier (Menu 1)

I wanted to add some of my menus to this blog if only for my own benefit.¬† Please feel free to pick it apart and share your comments ūüôā

A Walk in the Garden with Escoffier



I can only imagine what the famous French chef Auguste Escoffier would say to a young inspired chef on a walk through a vibrant, thriving, organic Washington garden today.  He certainly would be familiar with our tough economic times and even war.  He might recall the scarcity of food and hardships of the siege of Paris.  Truly our hardships might pale in comparison.  Looking at the bounty of substance we have available to us, brought to us by our dedicated local farmers and growers he could only say that we are blessed by the powers that be with the most fundamental and necessary commodity of any chef.  Access to the best possible ingredients!


Premier Cours:


Consomme Midinette

 Poached quail Egg, Essence of the Garden Pearls


Le Entree:


Salad de Pommes Terre

Fingerling Potatoes, Braised Salmon, Winter Greens


Le Plat Principal:


Lapereau de Garenne Saute aux Champignons

Rabbit Saute, Foraged mushrooms


Le Dessert and Cafe:

Beignets Soufflés en Surprise

Rum Sabayon filled Fritter, Coffee, and Chocolate Soil


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Cast Iron NY Steak and Coffee reduction (A carnal indulgence)



I have never had any beef with a vegetarian.  In fact I have always had an amount of respect for the discipline it must take to refrain from the pure delight some animal proteins bring to the rest of us meat lovers.  Personally as a chef, I have found living with a vegetarian as a chef, impossible.  It just can and should not work. My mistake for trying, and in the end my decision to move on. 

Now single, I indulge myself with a home cooked cast iron steak.  The cast iron being a well seasoned 2 decade old pan(believe me this can really affect the flavor profile of the meat.) So here is the breakdown!

1.  1  14oz ny steak

2.  1 large cast iron skillet (well seasoned)

3.  1 oz olive oil

4.  salt and pepper to taste


          Remove the steak from refrigerator, season both sides with salt and pepper  and allow to rest at room temperature for 30 minutes.  Place the skillet on a medium high burner and add the oil.  When you see a small amount of smoke rising from the pan add the well seasoned steak.  Allow the steak to caramelize on both side about 3 1/2 minutes each side.  Finish by putting cast iron in a 350 degree oven for about 8-10 minutes.  Remove the steak and let rest on a plate.

Coffee reduction

1.  4 oz coffee

2. 1 oz teriyaki sauce

3.  1 tsp paprika

        Deglaze the cast iron skillet with the coffee.  Add the teriyaki and paprika and allow to reduce by half.   The sauce is done when it coats a spoon without dripping!  Add the sauce to the steak and enjoy!



The dish pit!

Ask many chefs and they will tell you that the dishwasher is the most important position in the kitchen.  I remember the long hours during and after a rush and the seemingly endless flow of dishes flow to the pit!!  In culinary school some dishes were burnt to the sides so bad, food unrecognizable.  Chefs send us your pics in the Pit and tell us about your experience!

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Food and family (Cooking with Jagermeister)

Being away from your family, separated for any period of time, you often forget how important they are to you.

Revisiting my family I definitely know where I get some of my particular characteristics others might seem odd.

Traits outsiders, and even yourself, might consider crazy seem to be forgotten with the passage  of time and covered  with the  signet we call love. With that the  question. What to pair with jagermeister.

My sister-in-law brought over to my house yesterday a full bottle of jagermeister to chill in our freezer for here birthday bbq bash which is today(sorry Sis, I did take a shot :))

No matter what you are Grilling this easy bbq sauce will work great.

16 oz of Guinness beer

3 oz of jagermeister

1/2 cup of your favorite bbq sauce

S&P to taste

1.  In a sauce pot reduce the guinness to half.

2.  Add the Jagermeister and barbecue sauce.

3.  Adjust with salt and pepper and set in a fridge for 30 minutes or until ready to baste.

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